IFGF Seattle

Sunday Service: 10 AM

Senior Pastor: Ps. Jimmy Oentoro
Lead Pastor: Ps. Irwan Ngadisastra
Pastoral Team:
Ps. Jimmy Oentoro
Ps. Irwan Ngadisastra
Ps. Christopher Chan
Ps. Franky Lumingkewas
Ching Ming Lie
Martin Sukadi

Jesus was traveling from Jerusalem to Galilee and had to go through Samaria. Tired and thirsty, Jesus sat alone by Jacob's Well. While sitting alone, a Samaritan woman came to the well to draw water and Jesus had a life changing conversation with her. The Samaritan woman was surprised that Jesus, a Jew, would be willing to carry conversation with her and even asked her for water. During that time, Jews would not interact with Samaritans because they despised Samaritans. The woman was also despised by society because she had many husbands and had to draw water during inconvenient hour in the heat of the day where she would not meet other women. In this story, Jesus teached us by examples to:
1. Accept those who are different than us.
2. It is God’s part to judge and our part to extend God’s grace.
3. The purpose of acceptance is for the glory of God.

Society tends to judge people based on customs or stereotypes. It is easy to accept those who have the same background. However, getting out of comfort zone is needed to accept those who are different than us. To come together, we need to value, accept people, extend God’s grace and share good news to them.

Prayer point:
Remember how God has accepted us when we were still in our sins. Pray for a heart and eyes that see others the way Jesus sees them.

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In the history of battle against colonialism in any country, victory could not be achieved when the people of the nation were not united. This shows us that there is power in unity. There is power that enables us to do anything when we are united. Jesus understood this principle. He appointed twelve people to be His apostles. However, their power relied on unity and not in their individual ability. After they were given power, the twelve apostles were sent two by two to all the cities in Israel to proclaim the Gospel, cast out the demon, and heal the sick.

There is power in togetherness. Alone we might be good, but when we are together, walking towards the same direction, using our talents and grace to achieve the purpose, there will be extraordinary things that we can see.

Prayer point:
Ask God to unite us with our fellow believers, with our leaders, and we move forward to fulfill the vision which God has given us.

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In ancient culture, the process of passing down a tradition usually takes place around a campfire. The elder will tell the story while the young ones listen attentively to him. After these young people grew up, they will repeat the same ritual so that tradition is passed from generation to generation.

The Kingdom of God also has its tradition which is being passed on by our ‘ancestor’, Jesus. Our duty is to continue this tradition in the Kingdom of God to the people under us so that values of those truths will not fade away. How to do it? Through togetherness. In the past, values were passed through togetherness around a campfire. The point here is not about campfire but togetherness. Being together as one church, one body of Christ is the best moment to pass on the Kingdom of God’s creation.

Prayer point:
Ask God that when we gather together, there will be moments to share values and not just a mere gathering.

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Jehoshaphat experienced great distress in his life when a vast army of Moabites, Ammonites, and Meunites gathered to wage war against him. Alarmed and faced with great uncertainties, Jehoshaphat earnestly seek the Lord. His prayer was no ordinary prayer, but a victorious one. How can we pray a victorious prayer?
1. Pray with focus set on God (2 Chronicle 20:12)
2. Pray with unity (2 Chronicle 20:3-4)
3. Pray with faith (2 Chronicle 20:17)
4. Pray with authority (2 Chronicle 20: 29)

The result of Jehoshaphat prayer was not only victory but also great plunder (2 Chronicle 20:25). Plunder in our life means soul harvest, expansion in workplace, restoration in family, and expanded ministry. Therefore, let us pray with god given strategies to experience victorious prayer life.

Prayer point:
Let God fill us with the spirit of prayer and let us discipline ourselves to build a prayer life until we see victory happens through prayer.

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New Year, Fresh Starts

New Year, Fresh Starts

In 2 Chronicles 20:9, Jehoshaphat was facing great distress and he prayed for God’s deliverance and refused to stop praying until God hears and saves them. In Luke 18, God assures us that even a judge who fears neither God nor man answer the prayer of a persistent widow and would not our God who is loving, kind, and just do even more? God wants us to never give up in our prayer and have faith that He truly is a God who hears our prayer, cry, and able to deliver us in His time.

Entering 2017, there might be some unanswered prayer from years before. What if it only takes persistent prayer, one more leap of faith, and a little bit more patient to achieve our breakthrough? Do not give up and stop praying until we see the answer, until God Himself says no, and until He gives us confidence that the spiritual warfare is over and we have won it. He is never too late to answer prayer and God is only a prayer away.

Prayer point:
Do not give up and lose hope. Be faithful in our prayer life, proclaim His promises upon our situation and have faith that He is a God who hears our prayer.

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In Genesis 22, God gave a command which seem strange to us. Abraham was told to sacrifice his only son whom he loves very much as a burnt offering. Can we imagine? Abraham had waited for decades for a child and after he had one, God asked that the child to be killed as burnt offering. It is hard to imagine what Abraham would have felt at that moment. But because of his trust in God that God is the one who provides, Abraham obeyed God’s command.

What is it that God wants to do in our life right now? Though the command may sound weird or seem impossible, if we obey it with a childlike faith towards a parent, He will give us the victory. ““For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”” (Jeremiah 29:11)

Prayer point:
Pray that we could understand God’s will in our life and we have the courage to obey His command.

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Entering 2017 we might not know what journey, challenges, or adventure awaits us. Lately, news that we hear or watch are filled with economic and political uncertainties. The only certain thing in life is uncertainty awaits us on a daily basis. However we should remember in all things, God’s presence is in us, with us, and greater than any name that exist in the world. In every situation, we are more than a conqueror through Him who loved us (Romans 8:37).

God’s presence will:
1. Teach us to live in His ways (Exodus 33:13). Let us commit our time to study His word and allow His word to direct and guide us.
2. Give us rest (Exodus 33:14). God’s presence sustains us in tough time and gives strength to the weary.
3. Distinguish us from other people (Exodus 33:16). As children of the creator of the universe, His presence set us apart from other people because His favor, promises, and purpose are for us.

Prayer Points:
Let us build a lifestyle that always prioritizes seeking God’s presence. Pray for a heart that always hunger and thirst after His presence.

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