Living Way Foursquare Church

Foursquare church in north Seattle that is committed to the commission of Christ to His bride the Church (Mark 16 and Matthew 28)

Living Way is a Foursquare Church in north Seattle’s Greenwood neighborhood, that is committed to proclaiming Jesus Christ, seeing people saved, healed and brought to maturity in their faith.

[01/13/17]   We have two more evening prayer meetings at 630pm tonight and on Friday in the annex... formerly known as the box. We are going to set aside our pre-service communion time for testimonies of what the Lord has done through the fast on Sunday morning. So, come at 930ish and be ready to share in a capsulated form what the Lord has said or done during this season of fasting. During the service Pastor Bryan is going to lead us in communion to officially break our fast. Church family let's finish strong! - love you, Pastor Kaj

DAY 9: GOD IS LOVE, THEREFORE...-- 1 John 4:7-16
Tonight marks our ninth night of Prayer and Fasting. Please come out and meet with us for corporate prayer & worship tonight at 6:30! We will focus on the following:

The very essence of the Divine nature is love. In order for love to be present, there must be community, which is in itself one of the greatest testimonies of the Trinity--one God in three Persons. Love is the eternal bond of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. To love is to live in keeping with the essential reality of the Triune God, because all true love has its provenance in Him and His eternal nature. This is why the apostle John and the apostle Paul both make such a point to emphasize our need to love one another, because we are saved into an everlasting community of saints (see Ephesians 2). One of the greatest indicators that we know God and that God dwells in us is the evidence of a life lived in love for one another. If we are to live in love for one another, we must learn how to live in authentic community with a church that is filled with the fullness of God. There is no other way to be a living expression of the fact that God is love. Ask God how you can learn to live in real community with His church beyond the Sunday setting. How can you build relationships within the family of God in an intentional way that indicates a mutual love for, and connection with, His people?

Tonight marks our eighth night of Prayer and Fasting. Please come out and meet with us for corporate prayer & worship tonight at 6:30! We will focus on the following:

We cannot extricate the famous chapter on love from its greater Biblical context. Paul is addressing the proper function and use of spiritual gifts in the body of Christ, and he pauses in the middle of his instruction to address the most excellent way of love. The fruitful manifestation of spiritual gifts and the abiding expression of love must go hand-in-hand. Consider the fact that it is just as unloving to withhold the demonstration of a spiritual gift as it is to express it in a self-serving or abusive manner. It is no mistake that God combines His command to pursue love with the injunction to earnestly desire
spiritual gifts. We may live and walk out our lives in many ways, but the only work that remains is what is wrought in love. This love requires the genuine expression of spiritual gifts. We desperately need the Holy Spirit to manifest Himself in the gifts of the Spirit in our midst if we are ever going to pursue love in any real abiding way. Heed the command of Paul to earnestly desire spiritual gifts and ask God for those gifts He desires to give to you. Pray for your heart to be open and attentive to those moments when the Holy Spirit desires to move upon you in His gifts.


Tonight marks our sixth night of Prayer and Fasting. Please come out and meet with us for corporate prayer & worship tonight at 6:30! We will focus on the following:

If we are ever going to love God, we must consider and count the cost of what it truly means to follow Him. Our estimation of love for Christ falls short when we allow anything to obscure our vision of
Jesus. Our Lord does not tell us to abandon all without consideration for the relationships that are dearest to us. To the contrary, He says that if we are going to be His disciples, we must calculate to the scruple every cost and willingly bear it. To love Jesus Christ will set us at odds with every competing affection and require us to sever all inward attachments until we are attached to Him only. The depth of our love for God will make every other love appear as hatred in comparison. Indeed, hatred for kith and kin is the obverse side of that very love that fulfills the greatest commandment and enables the fulfillment of the second that is like it, that you love your neighbor as yourself. How will you respond when you are faced with the dilemma of choosing obedience to Jesus or guarding the feelings of a family member or a friend?

[01/06/17]   PRAYER & FASTING 2017
Day 3: LOVE YOUR ENEMY-- Matthew 5:43-48
Tonight marks the third night of Prayer and Fasting. Please come out and meet with us (in the office) for corporate prayer! Tonight, we will focus on the following:

Art Katz once said, "The ultimate test of whether we are indeed the people of God is our ability to not only love the unlovely, but to love our enemies." God demonstrates his love to his enemies by giving life sustaining blessing in the form of sun and rain. Breath itself is lended by God to those who despise, and is the testimony of an eternal love that pursues humanity in even our pernicious depravity. While we were yet his enemies, God sent us his son to be slain for us. How then shall we live toward those whom we count as our enemies? How shall we respond to those who cause us injury, those who curse us, and those who wish us nothing but evil? Our Lord commands us to love them. We are to bless those who curse us, pray for those who mistreat us, do good to those who hate us. It is this distinction that marks us with the divine maturity and perfection of our father in heaven. We must not only love one another as he has loved us, but Christ commands that we love our adversaries in like manner as well. Think about those you would consider to be your enemies and pray for them some of the very life-giving blessings God has bestowed upon you.

Day 1: PURSUE LOVE-- Mark 12:28-31
The scribe that inquired of Jesus which of God’s commandments is the greatest was asking an honest question and he received an equally honest and clear answer. Love God with an all-consuming love that supersedes every other love. There is no part of heart, soul, mind, or body that is exempt from this divine decree. Every command God has ever given, or will ever give, is ultimately fulfilled in our obedience to this one. What do we pursue in life? Our love for God (or lack thereof) will determine the direction those pursuits ultimately take us and the greatest commandment is the single most important signpost along the way. To pursue love we must first love God above all else, because all true love has its provenance in Him. What instructions has the Lord given to you recently, and how have you responded in love for Him? Do your pursuits have love for God at the very center of them?

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Tomorrow evening, Wednesday, January 4th at 6:30 begins our 10 days of Prayer and Fasting. Our prayer will focus on the Word of the Year, "Pursue Love." We will meet each week night for prayer and worship. The meeting schedule is posted below, pick up the full copy of our Reading and Prayer guide in the sanctuary. See you all Wednesday night!

We are gathering in homes this 2016 Christmas morning to celebrate the birth of our Messiah. This is a little different for our church but in the coming years I hope will become a normative expression in this family. Not that we will not be gathering weekly for corporate worship but that the members of this church will feel at ease leading people into the Scriptures, praying openly and having genuine encounters with the Lord Jesus Christ in the home.

Here is what I would ask of you this week: Open your home to friends from church, neighbors, co-workers and maybe even someone who likes you but is opposed to Jesus.

This is how I am going to lead it at the Martin home… take my overall idea and tweak it to fit your context.

Preparation during the Week:
1. Open your Bible to Luke 2:1-38 (or a shorter section)
2. Read the Christmas story out loud marking several key events or
phrases that seem to “leap off the page” at you.
- Depending on the age of the hearers you might break up the
reading of the passage or use a children’s Bible with illustrations.

Christmas Morning
1. Create an atmosphere that is different than normal.
- Ideas: Light a candle, feed them Danish pastries or blueberry
muffins, spread straw on the floor,, or give everyone really good
tea and act civilized. The Goal: create memories.
2. Read Luke with passion… and maybe a little drama thrown in
(think Patty Birchman or Asha Martin). Highlight the part that has
“leapt of the page” to you earlier in the week and then draw in your
hearers with questions.
There is no need for a teaching- bring your hearers with you.
-What did they see?
-What amazes them?
Your goal as you facilitate those assembled, is to draw them into the story. Naturally the story brings everyone’s eyes to the miracle of God taking on flesh and living on earth.
- With unsaved folks: lead the conversation to trusting Christ
as their Lord and Savior.
- With young ones: lead them to thanking and praising the Lord with
their own lips.

Always end with prayer and plenty of rejoicing





400 N 105th St
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Wednesday 6:30pm - 8pm
Sunday 10am - 12pm
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